Nic Parker is a Speech & Language Therapist who trained at University College London and graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Speech Science in 2000.

Since graduating Nic has worked in a range of settings including mainstream preschool, primary and secondary schools, special schools, public health clinics and private Speech & Language Therapy clinics. Within these settings Nic has provided language and literacy services to clients on an individual basis as well as in groups. She has also provided training on a range of speech and language issues to parents and teachers.

Nic is registered with Speech Pathology Australia, and the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists. She participates in regular continuing professional development.


At True Communication we offer speech, language and literacy services to children aged 18 months to 18 years. In addition we also offer voice and accent reduction services to adults.

Speech & Language Therapy covers many areas and within Nic’s practice includes:

  • Articulation; how we say sounds
  • Social skills; how we interact with others
  • Receptive language; the words we understand and how that helps us follow instructions & understand stories
  • Expressive language; how we use words to communicate, explain our ideas and tell stories
  • High-level language; how we solve problems, infer, reason and predict
  • Fluency; how fluent we are when we express ourselves
  • Voice; how our voice sounds
  • Reading & Spelling
  • Written Language
  • Accent reduction

Early identification and appropriate intervention has many benefits including:

  • Improved skills in areas targeted within therapy
  • Improved interactions
  • Strengthened learning ability
  • Better access to home and classroom/workplace environments

For assessment and service recommendations please contact Nic.


Nic can be contacted on +852 6449 7347 or via the form below:

    Clinic Location

    Our clinic address is G/F 81B Sai Kung Road:

    The clinic is in a residential property opposite Centro in Sai Kung.  There is an overpass across Hiram’s highway from Centro to Sai Kung Road.  The stairs up to 81b are opposite the stairs to come up the overpass from street level:

    Call me if you cannot find us:  6449 7347!

    Our full postal address is: G/F DD 215 Lot 975, 81B Sai Kung Road, Sai Kung