At True Communication we offer speech, language and literacy services to children aged 18 months to 18 years. In addition we also offer voice and accent reduction services to adults.

Speech & Language Therapy covers many areas and within Nic’s practice includes:

  • Articulation; how we say sounds
  • Social skills; how we interact with others
  • Receptive language; the words we understand and how that helps us follow instructions & understand stories
  • Expressive language; how we use words to communicate, explain our ideas and tell stories
  • High-level language; how we solve problems, infer, reason and predict
  • Fluency; how fluent we are when we express ourselves
  • Voice; how our voice sounds
  • Reading & Spelling
  • Written Language
  • Accent reduction

Early identification and appropriate intervention has many benefits including:

  • Improved skills in areas targeted within therapy
  • Improved interactions
  • Strengthened learning ability
  • Better access to home and classroom/workplace environments

For assessment and service recommendations please contact Nic.